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    Buying Process

    1. Choose an agent

    Like any important project, it is important to choose your hero early!

    3. Search and See!

    Create searches to give yourself a better idea of what you want. Once you have picked potential winners, go out and see them in person!

    5. Execute the Contract

    Once the seller accept your offer, it is time to get to work! There are several key steps that we need to move on at this stage.

    7. Insurance and loan

    As things begin to take shape, it is key to secure a homeowners insurance policy. This is also when we make sure that our loan officer has everything they need to finalize the loan.

    9. Closing Time

    It is time to celebrate and you deserve it. You worked very hard to get here… Go ahead enjoy!

    2. Get pre-approved

    This is an important step. It may seem counter intuitive to do this at this stage, but there are great benefits to it. You will know what you can afford to buy. You will be READY to buy a home and not miss out on the one!

    4. Make an offer

    You found a winner! It is time to make an offer and spring into new beginnings. I will guide you through the contract.

    6. Home Inspections

    This is a key stage where a licensed professional evaluates the property and we address if there is any issues.

    8. Final details

    At this point we are confirming our moving arrangements and making sure that the utilities have been scheduled to go on. The date is nearing